Kia ora!

I specialise in and am passionate about humanitarian photography. I have captured the stories of Sri Lankan refugees for Amnesty International, images showing the leadership that has emerged from the Canterbury earthquake, a campaign against domestic violence, youth development in the Solomon Islands and a vibrant pride parade. 

As a humanitarian professional by background (most recently as a policy advisor with the International Committee of the Red Cross), I understand not only humanitarian issues, but also why organisations need images and what they want to show. Most importantly, I capture images that tell stories of people in challenging situations while keeping respect for people's dignity at the core. 

I have been told by past clients that my strengths include my ability to build a rapport with anyone, regardless of background, culture or context, and my approach of prioritising gaining people's trust, which often means taking time before photographing. My language skills (French, Spanish, Swahili and Bislama/Pijin) help with these relationships too. 

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